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Legacy of Love

A new music album release

Along with my son, we have just release our first "official album" if you will. We aim to edify and lift those who hear with high energy frequencies. The album reflects a modern, electronic style but no matter who you are, I think you'll find something you like. It's Available everywhere music is sold online. Just search "legacy of love"
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The purpose of this site is share with you the things that I have learned along the way. With my 3 daughters, 3 sons and my wife I have traveled to more than 50 countries to share the life, love and truth of the living Jesus. Not as a "church" or religion, but as a Person. My goal is to help you in whatever way I can, to navigate through your suffering and the struggles we all face and find the answers the Father freely offers us.


In the 2000's we drove from New York, through Mexico to Panama. I'm pretty sure I counted around 17,304 potholes, 749 donkeys, 12 border crossings, on cow being butchered in the street, a blow transmission, 3 airbags, struts, frame, several tires and a radiator or two. In 2009 We shipped our van to Colombia and have been working back and forth on travelling down the pan-american highway through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Urugay, Paraguay and Brazil. Let's just say that we have some pretty amazing adventures. So we just decided to start sharing some of them here too in a little more detail. Hope you enjoy.

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About Michael Woroniecki

As that seed of John 12:25 I was falling into the ground…


From making All-City honors in high school football, I received a full ride football scholarship to Central Michigan University. But on the field injury after injury broke me, while off the field, at this same time, I began to secretly ponder the life of Jesus. I ultimately committed my life to Christ and it brought about severe and drastic rejection which forced me to tread down an uncharted path. Despite the terrible personal pain of rejection, I viewed it as an insignificant price to pay for the abundant life I had come into.  But I surely was dumbfounded by the absolutely baseless and intense hatred I experienced just because I changed from a wild dude into a man who loved Jesus.

It was the summer of my second year in college. I had just come back from a  rough football practice that had become almost unbearable due to the hatred of guys on the team. I remember sitting in my dorm room chair contemplating what kind of life awaited me. How could I bear this? Roger Staubauch for the Dallas Cowboys claimed to be a Christian and all he got was acclaim. What was wrong with me?  I opened the Bible to John 12:24+25.  It made me start wondering about what it really meant to follow Christ. So many empty Christian cliches fill the mouths of insincere people. Could people claim to know Jesus but actually be hypocrites? Would it not be loving to help such people see the error of these ways? Never did I imagine how much “Christians” would attack me for what I saw as personal concern.

His Name is Jesus; “the Suffering Servant” and the eternal life He offers, here and now, compels a man into absolute surrender to live for Him, not a “Christian” image (Is.53). I was scared. How to act and talk, I did not know. How do I deal with “Christians” who have no heart for Jesus? I have never wanted to come across as better than anyone but I must  hold to the reality of Jesus even if I am falsely accused and misunderstood. God knows my heart and bears witness to the truth of my life.  I am an imperfect vessel preaching a perfect gospel…

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Some Feedback From Our Ministry:

"This date will surely be remembered in my memory and in my heart. the day that a group of Americans, whom I might even call them angels, have arranged to come to a penitentiary, where much of society wants to stay away, they came to give their personal testimony, to present themselves theatrically to demonstrate God's love. My name is Alexander, and I wanted to thank you who made this day the best day of the approximately 242 days that I find myself secluded here in this penitentiary. You have been able to awaken in me something, that perhaps I had no more, that is hope. God has bigger plans for me... -Alexander (Prisoner) 03/12/2018
"This is not a show. You should not call it a "show" because it is so much more than that. What you just did can change someone's life. You left lots of seeds today. " -Rowling, Director of the Activities, Manila City Jail , Manila, Philippines
"Today you have taught us all what the meaning of true love is. On behalf of all the children, teachers and myself, thank you " - Sophia, Director of A Large School Paraguay.
"Thank you for bringing us light, and in a world of gray, you showed us many colors. You raised all our hearts by leaving us the love of the Father in such a beautiful way. " -Heitor, Prison Director, Uruguay